American Steel Matters


American Jobs

Thousands of us have been laid off, and the rest worry who is next. The vitality of communities across the heartland is threatened by foreign overproduction and the resulting unfair pricing that makes it impossible for domestic producers to compete.


National Security

Over-dependence on foreign steel, which is used in military tanks and ships, puts U.S. national security and American troops at risk. Domestic production is critical to ensuring our national security.


American Way of Life

Steel built America. Everywhere we go and everything we do is dependent on its production. Let’s keep the foundation of our greatness produced in our country.

Steel in the news


Americans for Steel seeks to protect and preserve the U.S. steel industry from unfair trade practices that impact tens of thousands of American steel jobs. Americans for Steel is committed to ensuring that President Trump puts American workers first and protects us from countries that cheat by imposing broad comprehensive tariffs.